As you all well know, we aerated the South and West courses recently. The plan was to do this on consecutive days on days that didn’t affect play and tournaments very much, but unfortunately, we had pythium appear after the South was aerated which meant we had to postpone the West aeration until the greens had recovered sufficiently to allow us to aerate.

The South greens have recovered well from the aeration with all the holes filled in nicely and the West greens are not far away.

To aid in the recovery, we put extra fertilizer on, as well as seeding each green with new bentgrass and applied over 60 tons of sand. The extra fertilizer, while slowing green speed down a little with faster growth, ensured a rapid recovery and ensured greens were going to be fully recovered for the upcoming club tournaments, and the rest of the season.

Now that the healing process is well underway, we will be getting back into regular greens maintenance; rolling of the greens and the use of growth regulators to slow down vertical growth resulting in consistent greens that everyone, members and daily play clients, should enjoy.

We wish all playing in the upcoming events the best of luck, and to all some happy golfing!

David Mahoney
Golf Course Superintendant

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