Golf Rules

Cart Rules / Pace of Play

  • Keep carts on cart path near tees and greens
  • Keep carts on cart paths on par 3’s
  • Carts must be kept 20 yards from greens
  • Blue flag exemption carts are allowed 10 yards from greens
  • All blue flag exemptions must be requested through Administration
  • Please keep up to the group in front of you
  • If unable to do so, allow the group behind yours to play through


Hole # 1 (West) If your ball lands in wood chips under the tree, the ball must be dropped within two club-lengths not nearer the hole without a penalty stroke. 


Hole # 8 (West) If your ball is resting on the cart path, you have the option of dropping your ball in the drop area without a penalty stroke. However, if your ball is in the cedars at the back of the green, you have the option of going to the drop area with a penalty stroke.


Hole # 9 (West) Hole # 7 and 9 (East) Part of the water hazard on these holes is considered lateral hazard (red stakes) and another part is considered water hazard (yellow stakes) with relief options as per the RCGA Rules of Golf.


The surroundings of the 9th green (West), including the adjacent bank leading up to the green, other areas inside the cart path and behind the green will be considered as fairway. The bushes to the left of the green will be considered as rough.