Tired of taking the ferry at Cumberland to get to the Buckingham Golf Club, Mr. Gerry Chamberland had a dream to build a golf course in the region of Rockland.

Late in 1959, he set out with his friends Mr. Gaëtan Schingh, Mr. Robert Paris, Mr. Eugène Laviolette, Mr. Léopold Laviolette, Mr. Roger Thibault, and Mr. Maurice Tessier to find a suitable location to build a golf course. On January 15th, 1960, the group purchased a property of 118 acres at the east end of the town of Rockland for the amount of $5,000.00.

Mr. Chamberland then ordered from the National Golf Foundation in Chicago a book entitled “How to Build a Golf Course”, for the modest sum of $1.00. From there, he went to work with his friends and they built our first nine-hole course. This course was ready for play on May 29th, 1961. In 1963, the Club purchased an additional 35 acres, and our second nine-hole course was opened for play in the spring of 1964.

Two of the other pioneers of the Club were Raymond Haines, who was the initial head professional and later one of the few Master teachers in Canada until his retirement in 1992, and Hervé Mongeon, who was the initial head superintendent until his retirement in 1988.

On September 10th, 1971, the Club purchased a property of 41 acres from Miss Margaret F. Tucker. In the spring of 1979, our executive nine-hole course was opened to the public. Following the purchase of an additional 55 acres of land, the executive nine-hole course was transformed into a championship golf course in 2003, to bring us to our current 27 hole golf course.

Thanks to the dream of one man and the help of his friends, we now have the opportunity to play the game of golf on one of the best golf courses in the region.

Directors since 1959

Directors since 1959

Gérard Chamberland (Honorary President)
Raymond Delage (Honorary Vice-President – Life Member)
Bob Barrow
Richard Beaubien
Maurice Beaulieu
François Bellemare
Guy Bernard
Jacques Bissonnette
Lucien Blondin
Pierre Boutin
Denis Branchaud
Louis Brazeau
Richard Brazeau
Lucien Brisebois
Paul Brûlé
Richard Cadieux
Serge Carrière
Rolland Cayer
Lionell Cheff
Bruce Corbett
Michel Côté
Richard Côté
Roger Crête
Marc Davidson
Wilfred Delorme
Raymond Doucet
Jean-Jacques Drolet
Paul Drolet
Monique Drouin
Grégoire Farrell
Jean Fontaine
Robert Gaulin
Gilles Girard
Nicole Imken
Alain Jubinville
Jacques LaBelle
Arthur Laflamme
Gérard Lafrance
Lise Lamadeleine
Christian Lanthier
Rupert Larocque
Jules Lavictoire
Eugene Laviolette
Leopold Laviolette
Elmer LeBlanc
Marcel LeBlanc
Roger LeBlanc
Robert Lefebvre
Yvon Lefebvre
Marcel Léger
Michel Lemay
Marcel Mayer
Robert Mercier
Gerry Ouellette
Dr. Raymond Paiement
Marc Parent
Robert Paris
Roger Parisien
Serge Parisien
Dan Payer
Bernard Payette
Manon Potvin
André Poulin
Jean-Pierre Pierre
Bernard Préjent
Richard Proulx
Richard Quesnel
Dr. Richard Rancourt
Richard W. Rancourt
Jacques Régimbald
Jim Rody
Denis Roy
Bernard Sanscartier
Pierre Seguin
Gaetan Schingh
Gaston Schryer
Maurice Tessier
Roger Thibault
Colette Tremblay
Guy Vézina
Edgar Viau
Richard Viau