About the Club

Rockland Golf Club listens to and is attentive to the needs of its members and guests

  • The Club is always on the lookout for new ways of anticipating and satisfying the needs of its members.
  • The Club consults its members on a regular basis in order to better understand their needs.
  • The Club is always looking for ways to increase the value to its members.
  • The Club responds promptly to the demands of its members.
  • The Club is proactive in the resolution of problems.

Rockland Golf Club is accountable to all of its members

  • The Club has the duty to manage the assets that have been entrusted by its voting members and to execute its mandate while exercising creativity, honesty and integrity.
  • The Club is mindful of its financial viability in order to ensure access to the Club at reasonable prices for all of its members.

Rockland Golf Club is focused on results

  •  The Club continually evaluates its performance in order to make improvements.
  •  The Club solicits the expertise and commitment of its members.

Rockland Golf Club is mindful of a healthy environment

  • The Club, by its organization and its members, makes it its duty to protect the environment for the current and future generations.
  • The Club constantly reviews its operating practices to ensure that they respect the environment.
  • The Club monitors new developments in its field of expertise in order to improve the environment.

Rockland Golf Club is an organization that treats its employees equitably and with respect

  • The employees act in accordance with the mission and essential values of the Club.
  • The work environment is stimulating and conducive to the learning and development of all employees.
  • The employees understand their role and functions within the organization.
  • The employees provide the best performance possible in return for a competitive level of compensation and benefits.